(DDLC Mod) A day with Yuri

It's so hot to see him like this Dave thinks. “Oh, these?” Dave replied “no reason.Dave kissed him passionately, whilst massaging his overstuffed tummy.Karkat walked into the kitchen. “Thats really fucking sus, Strider. “It's fine. The Shack Summary. He let's Karkat take another large bite of the cupcake.He kissed his troll boyfriend deeply before giving him the treat. “Let's make this a little more interesting?” Karkat nodded in silent, flustered consent.Looks like you’re excited-” Dave chuckled, smirking and making his way over to the cupcake trays. These are really good-” Dave pulls the cupcake away before Karkat can take another bite.Dave reached for another cupcake, the last cupcake.That's not to say the surprise was ruined.His soft, heavy tummy sat in his lap, pinning him back to his seat on the bed. “Why the fuck are you making cupcakes?” Karkat grumbled. “Holy shit, dave.Dave holds the cupcake to Karkat’s mouth, and Karkat bites in.I don’t know what you plan to do with 48 cupcakes, but it better involve cleaning the kitchen because it is SO fucking sticky in here-” Karkat continued to bitch about it all the way back to his room.He hadn’t expected Karkat to be home so early. “You’re so vulnerable like this” he said in a sultry tone.He knew Dave could bake, but between classes and the hustle-and-bustle of life on the new earth he hardly expected it unless there was a special occasion.He did however have something against the mess in the kitchen.Just thought it would be nice. Ichigo vs aizen gif. “I bet you like that.Dave smiles. “Dave?” he called out into the apartment.” Karkat looked at him skeptically.He grabbed one and turned back to Karkat.There was no response except for the sound of muted bass, probably coming from Dave’s headphones.He blushed deeply as Dave fed him a second cupcake. His stomach growled loudly.” Dave leaned slightly on the counter, where there were four trays of freshly baked and frosted cupcakes. “Oh hey Kitkat! Didn’t realize you were home yet.This made Karkat blush in embarrassment “Oh..Karkat ate it with less vigor than he ate the first ones, but with determination.He had nothing against cupcakes, far from it in fact.Karkat finishes off the cupcake and Dave leans in to kiss the frosting off his lips.Dave pulled some rope out as well.Dave wrapped the rope around Karkat’s wrists.The two cuddled, and Dave left little bite marks and hickies down Karkats neck. “I’m gonna be so big from this-” Karkat almost moaned the words at the thought.He moans at the taste and chews quickly, then swallows.

(DDLC Mod) The perfect date...

seventeen? What were you even doing when you were seventeen.No isn't reliable enough at that age, and you couldn't just scoop him off his feet and away when you were sitting at the desk working with the damn thing.If it was Davesprite, you'd feel a wing slipping down to drape across your back, but Davepeta doesn't have those.Two, fighting.You have two swords, not the dozens Dave grew up surrounded by.Of course that'd be your first thought, and like you said to D maybe five times before he threatened to mix dye into your conditioner if you ever said it to him again, there's a reason first rhymes with worst. Ash to Ashes. Holy shit, you were just about asleep sitting up.If anything it's a tie between them and Davesprite, which doesn't make them not the youngest kid.Of course that'd be your first thought, and like you said to D maybe five times before he threatened to mix dye into your conditioner if you ever said it to him again, there's a reason first rhymes with worst. Stupid half of your brain wants to be so insistent on how you deserve pain, you might as well do something you've been meaning to do since D gave you those earrings and give stupid brain what it wants.Why the fuck is part of your brain still on about this. Fighting with someone not in their own head, and not you, fuckin' obviously, probably not any of your siblings or Dave so who the fuck is fighting one of your kids.Of course it's not.Closest you've come is what, smacking his hands away from a running sewing machine. Dumb ass twice for what you did to Dave, for not using one of the swords you knew were in that apartment on yourself instead of him.Should you look into adding that to the monthly therapy calendar? Eh, maybe.They still sting, too, but that's your own fault for putting the collar back on and blocking your self-healing powers.Nevermind how loud it is, how inescapable the scenarios it (you?) keep spooling out are ( how much more you'll end up fucking up Dave eventually, what the man who you could have been and aren't really did to him, how you could make absolutely fuckin' sure you never hurt him ever again.You need to.That's worth it even if you end up getting jack shit else out of this whole situation.you don't even know, but there's probably something..It's not painful, exactly, but it's ungentle enough to startle you out of the spiral of the beguilingly correct voice in your head that's been speaking to you for the past few hours and apparently ain't about to stop now. Sans. What else are you supposed to do to keep a toddler from getting a needle through his finger.

{DDLC Mod} Natsuki and MC Kidnap Natsuki's Dad

D gives you a nod, then murmurs to Dave, “As soon as the alarms went off, he tranced out.Bad enough she knows about you, worse that she has Uthyr, and now you’re alone—. “Hello; I assume you are one of the Striders?” “I’m Dave.You hesitate, then exchange the aluminum cane you’ve been using for your sword-cane and wrap your fingers around the replacement obsidian and iron pendant around your neck.Dave steps ahead of you, pushes the door fully open so he can check what’s inside, then waves you in after him.That is clear, straightforward, and far too much insight into your current state laid out in public. Blue diamond x blue pearl. Part of it is for comfort’s sake alone—you are absolutely a hedonist, and Uthyr is now your favorite spot to lay.The anxiety is consuming you now, and you know without being told that letting Uthyr leave was a mistake.You look tired.” “A genius loci.You consider for a moment, then shake your head. Fascinating—I haven’t seen one of those in years.” As you reach the door, you bow your head slightly in respect of the spirit that dwells here. “These’ll help with the alarm.Death upright is the third card laid out, swiftly joined by the Chariot upright and the Devil reversed.And unfortunately for Grimm, their past has no compunctions against using Uthyr against them.kind of changes around sometimes.” You can’t help but give him a curious look, wondering how he noticed your exhaustion, but give him a headshake.But something this time is eating at you, and not just because of your dream.Including one owed to you by a very large, very dangerous family of hunters. “No; I’d rather not wait.You will know what he is sacrificing for you. “I guess you’re Grimm?” “Yes. No Smut Fun Ghoul. You can feel her slim fingers on your leg and hear her soft, cruel laugh, and you reach out to Uthyr again, searching for shadows— Stay where you are.I’m not actually sure what room we’ll be in when we walk in—probably whatever room everyone else is in.You shut off the truck, then close your eyes and slowly breathe, waiting for the edge to dull on the pain. “Not really.” “Uh.As the seer sits up straight, blinking, you look up at D, your stomach a hard, certain knot.And your abilities do not constitute a threat to me.You are alone.In all honesty, it should have taken you longer.Sometimes when you wake, she is there, and you at least don’t have to imagine what’s coming, but often she’s not, and you’re stuck with only your heartbeat and your thoughts.All he has to do is show up to the meeting and play the part of a humanity-obsessed hunter to get into this cell.

(DDLC Mod) MC's sister kidnaps MC

ROSE: I thought you might feel that way, Roxy.CALLIOPE: it’s jUst that i have spent a considerable portion of my life developing theories on the pUrpose of mythological roles, and this particUlar theory has been a thorn in my side for.ROSE: So you wouldn’t act like one who actively steals Light, you’d act like one who actively exploits it.You might think of it as how important an event is from an external perspective.CALLIOPE: may i ask what the second one is.ROSE: It’s imperative that I proceed with no anticipation of what might happen in that potential timeline. BAU meet Spencer Reid. The erasure will be perfectly safe and I’ve given my full informed consent.ROXY: well in THAT case ROXY: i still dont get what “dissipation” is or why its so important that callies bro dies ROXY: i mean besides the fact that hes the actual worst ROXY: but tbh if none of us are in physical danger and john not going won’t hurt anybody then ROXY: why the hell should he risk his life for some abstract concept.This can serve to weaken the authenticity of any relevant and essential events contained therein, though not always, and never from all perspectives.ROSE: I think you’ll find you'll even be the second pair to get married.ROSE: Whatever your feelings are, however, I can guess that you’re frustrated that he’s drawn away from you recently.Even if he decides to stay, canon will be safe as long as he is given the choice, no matter the outcome of that choice.But I can’t tell you why it’s the offering of the choice which matters, or the outcome might be jeopardized.Not even five minutes ago, Roxy thought she was capital-O Over this boy, and now they’re supposed to get married.ROSE: I’ve encountered a few texts relating to “inversion theory,” and-- CALLIOPE: oh for HEAVEN’S SAKE.ROXY: ya its a thing dave talks abt a lot to determine whether ROXY: FUCK i just did it again ROXY: anyway rose plz continue ROSE: Ah.Yes, certainly.ROSE: She’s untroubled by worries about canonicity or lack thereof.ROSE: Those aren’t the only factors which may diminish truth values, of course. ROSE: If he chooses to go, it will be because he’ll have fully embraced his role as the guardian of what is true, relevant, and essential. to create them, in order to help other people.Ergh, there’s a lot to sort through here.They were the only survivors of the original timeline, the only ones who knew what it meant to see all their friends die horribly. Spider man into the spider verse peni parker sex. Dead sessions where a player lives long enough to ascend, even more so.ROXY: cause callie and i had a nice picnic date set up tonight and my tummys gettin rumbly yo.

I GOT ON MY KNEES FOR HER! l DDLC (blind) l Episode 12

The problem with that is that I’m also having major writer’s block when it comes to ideas..The problem with that is that I’m also having major writer’s block when it comes to ideas.I listed a few fandoms above, but honestly, I’ll take ideas from any fandom (If I’m up to date on it).So I’ve decided to ask you guys for help.I listed a few fandoms above, but honestly, I’ll take ideas from any fandom (If I’m up to date on it). Sulu chekov. So I’ve decided to ask you guys for help

You grin.Your heart was pounding so hard you felt it in your skull.Granted, you hadn’t meant to do it, but still.Which brings about a whole new plethora of fuckery.Something churned in your gut, ancient and primal.You earned it. Buttercup Utonium. “The 8-ball foretold your arrival. Tell everybody I said hi.It’s Vriska who puts your thoughts into words.Escaping that hellhouse the Soleil twins called their home.Amazingly, you don’t die trying to keep up with the cerulean as you charge up the stairs to her respiteblock together.Vriska’s wild personality and no-bullshit attitude was just what you needed.With the amount of insane shit you’ve gotten yourself into during your travels, getting into shape came pretty easily..” Vriska points to a bag next to her chart, not looking up from where she was drawing an impressively detailed kraken-looking thing.You knew long before you actually put words to what was going on.You are the Guardian of your universe, and you make the rules. “I’ve had this thing forever, so I’m giving it to you, okay.She reaches back to grab something behind her.” “Yeah.That’s why you were crying.We could even take out that pathetic bitch of an Heiress they had back in the day. Hotel? Trivago. Fanfiction lemon hard harry potter. “And they’d have a huge advantage they never had before.Your friends? Safe.” “Obviously.” Vriska’s mouth opens and closes a couple of times, and then she nods. “Are they cute?” “Sure.You looked Canon-With-A-Capital-C in its ugly face, spit on it, and then bent over to wipe your ass with the fabric of reality itself.

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